Why a MAX! Machine?

Our state of the art, colourful vending machine uses 40% less energy than the traditional black, 10.5 amp vending machines.

The MAX! Healthy Vending machine dispenses cold drinks and snack, as well as room temperature snacks.

The LCD video display screen on top of the machine is customized, displaying the nutritional value of the products in the machine, as well as current company events, fundraisers, employee recognition, etc.

Let your employees decide what goes in the machine from our list of 1000 of the more popular healthy snacks and drinks available.

A portion of the profits from each machine is donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation “Feel Good Snacks Every Day” program.

Ask yourself, what other single thing can you do that gives your employees healthy snack choices and gives back to the community, and all you have to do is provide the space and hydro for our machine; we do the rest!!

About Us

About Us

Who Are We? Welcome to Healthy to the MAX! We are the owners and operators of the MAX! vending machines in the Guelph, Fergus, and Waterloo areas. Our mission is to provide workplaces, businesses, and schools with a healthy snack

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The Rules Have Changed

Healthy food can now be both nutritious and delicious! Modern food technology has finally caught up with the consumer's quest for healthy food that actually tastes good.

The Results

Private businesses and educational institutions are now developing and instituting wellness programs. They realize that healthy employees and students are happier, more productive, with more energy to focus on the task at hand, and a greater ability to get things done!