Who Are We?

Welcome to Healthy to the MAX! We are the owners and operators of the MAX! vending machines in the Guelph, Fergus, and Waterloo areas.

Our mission is to provide workplaces, businesses, and schools with a healthier snack vending machine to go along side, or replace, the traditional junk snack vending machine. We chose this endeavour to help reinforce and support the positive changes that we are all trying to make to live healthier, longer lives.

Healthy Vending to the MAX! is an exciting new vending machine company, owned by Lisa & Greg Pietras. The concept was born when the Pietras’ eldest son was complaining about the lack of healthy vending options after hours at the university he attended. It’s an issue nearly all of us have faced: Standing before a monstrous black box vending machine and searching the limited options in dismay for something that isn’t full of sugar or salt. Enter Healthy Vending to the MAX! This is not your typical vending machine. It has a mix of snacks and drinks that we have chosen to keep both the sugar and fat content within reasonable limits.