To share in our profits, the gross monthly sales need to be at least $300 ($15 per day – based on a 5-day work week). If the sales fall below $300 then you do not receive anything for that particular month. At the beginning of each year, we run monthly sales reports on each location for the previous year. We add up the sales in the months that are over $300, divide it by 1.13 to back out the HST, then subtract the monthly operating costs ($67.50/month), then give you 5% of that number back. For example, if your location has 4 months of the year where you earned $335, $400, $460 and $502 in those months, the calculation would look like this:

Total Sales: $1697/1.13 (to back HST out) = $1501.77 – $270.00 (4 x $67.50monthly operating costs) = $1231.77 x 5% = $61.59.

We would then send you the sales report with a letter showing the calculations and a cheque payable to the location. I’m happy to say that we have several locations that share profits with us! They use the money towards employee recognition fund, social fund, pizza Tuesdays, etc.


Q. Where can I buy a MAX! vending machine to start/or for my own business?
A. Call Canadian Healthy Vending (778) 340-2872

Q. I want to have more healthy products in the machine. What can you recommend?
A. We have a supplier that has a section of healthy products for vending machines and we can also source out something specific if you want. Email us what it is you are looking for and we will get back to you with the retail price!

Q. Does the machine take debit?
A. Currently, the machine does not take Interac/debit. The good news is that it is coming soon!

Q. My credit card was charged $5 for a product that only costs $1.50. Can I get a refund?
A. When you use credit for your purchase, the machine authorizes your card for $5 of available funds, but it only charges you for what your purchase is. Look at your credit card statement the next day and you will see that you were only charged the $1.50. If there is a mistake, just email me or call us with the last 4 digits of your credit card, the date you made the purchase, the amount of the purchase and the approximate time, and we will look up the transaction on our end to confirm the error. If there was an error, you will get the FULL amount back and 1 free product!

Q. The machine took my money, but I didn’t get any product.
A. Email or call us with the details and we will refund your money and give you the product for free.

Q. The machine never gave me change.
A. Email or call us with the details and we will refund your money and give you the product for free.

Q. There is product stuck in the machine.
A. Please give us a quick call and we will be there as soon as we can!

Q. The coin changer isn’t working.
A. Give us a call and we will be right in to fix and refund you whatever money you lost. Please post a sign so that your co-workers don’t use the coin.